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5 Tips for Awesome Social Media Photos

Many of my clients struggle to get decent results when taking social media photos. Even with the latest iPhone, you will likely not get a great photo just by pressing the button. Sure you may get lucky with the perfect photo from time to time, but who wants to leave...

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5 Mistakes Most People Make with Website Imagery

Everyday clients come to me for new images. Many times is because the images they have are not at the standard they think they should be. I’ve put together a quick list of 3 of the biggest mistakes I see when it comes to website images. Mistake #1: Low Quality Images...

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The Secret to Coming Up with Great Ideas

Most people think that coming up with great ideas takes a creative genius or two. Or some people are lucky. There certainly are some lucky people and creative geniuses but everyone can come up with great ideas….and easily. You see, most people conceive ideas by...

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Create a Killer Video in 8 Steps

When comes to growing marketing mediums, video is killing it at the moment. YouTube’s traffic comes second only to Google. Whilst many companies recognise this, creating a corporate video can be daunting and all too often gets put off. That’s exactly why I’ve put...

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